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My name is Tara Pavlik, I'm a photographer.  I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and grew up on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I grew up experiencing and observing the world from a different prospective. Growing up by indigenous communities I learned how to value different things in life, such as food, nature, and culture. As a young girl my parents took me around the world where I experienced cultures first hand. I sought to seek a way to express all of the things I felt and observed, this is where I found my passion for photography. Not only being able to capture the cultures and beauty around me but also being able to convey emotions through these photographs. I started working alongside my mom and her Non-Profit Organization, Ecolibri. Working with the children and families made me realize that i want to work towards a better future for the world, using other skills and documenting the process through my photographs is a dream I hope to make a reality.

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